Hybrid Dentures

What are Hybrid Dentures?

Also known as fixed-detachable dentures, hybrid dentures are very natural looking. Hybrid dentures are a great way to replace missing teeth and gum tissue with a prosthesis attached to dental implants. A hybrid denture is a type of denture which sits on top of the gums and is secured with screws to the dental implant. They can only be removed by your dentist. Four to six dental implants are placed in your mouth to create a solid base to which it is attached. If you have teeth that you do not want to have removed but you have significant bone loss, this hybrid between a removable denture and dental implants may be the fix you are looking for.

Procedure of Hybrid Dentures

The dentist applies a bridge in your jaw bone followed by a regular denture to replace your missing teeth completely. The bridge is made of acrylic plastic, which is used with the dentures. This structure is a lot more stable and makes it easy to chew food than a regular denture. Further, it is a lot more comfortable than regular dentures.

The Dental Specialist Group Advantage

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