Aesthetic White Fillings

What are Aesthetic White Fillings?

Aesthetic white fillings are a cosmetic dental procedure used to restore a tooth that has been impacted by decay, fracture or surface stains. If decay is detected early, aesthetic white fillings can be used to treat the decaying tooth and prevent surrounding teeth from further decaying damage. If there are complications such as fractures, chips or discoloration, aesthetic white fillings can be used to restore the natural shape and colour of the tooth. 

Procedure of Aesthetic White Fillings

The procedure of aesthetic white fillings often takes one to two appointments to complete, depending on the extent of damage. The cavity is filled and the tooth is polished. The end result is a healthy and improved smile. The white filling material comes in different shade-colors and material strength, this is important while making a decision if the filling is done in the front teeth or the back teeth. 

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