About Dental Specialists Group

Your Smile Is Our Specialty

Who We Are

The Dental Specialists Group is one of the best prosthodontics in the Vaughan and Woodbridge area that offers state of the art treatment. We believe in multi-disciplinary approach to all dental treatments and our goal is to offer patient-specific, comprehensive treatment to our patients.

Our Mission

Dental Specialists Group strives to carry out the mission of working towards the betterment of the patient care as well as elevate the profession of dentistry.

  • To perform as a leading dental unit that exceeds the expectations of our patients
  • Excel in providing specialized, comprehensive and innovative treatment based on patient specific needs
  • Excel in providing multi-disciplinary treatment approach for all our patients
  • Develop, apply and share latest trends, practices and technologies in dentistry
  • Excel in providing access to affordable dental care

Our Vision

Dental Specialists Group strives to become an industry leader by providing the best treatment to our patients, staff and all the dental community of practitioners we serve. We strive to grow and excel as a team and keep up to the bar we’ve set for us over the years. Our inspiration lies in not only providing effective treatment but also crafting a great smile.

We believe in effective teamwork and all our staff and dentists are equal partners of the success we have achieved as a team. Each of our staff members has an equal opportunity at career growth and gets support from the leadership at all times. We are and will do better to be an equal opportunity employer with no regards to any discrimination of any kind.

We believe in our responsibility towards the society and environment and follow a zero-tolerance policy for any action that is against the society or environment. We take full responsibility for our actions and follow an eco-friendly policy in all aspects. We aspire to promote a greener planet and strive in contributing towards sustainable development.

Our Values

Dentist Specialists Group's values represent the character of our team and our desire to best serve our patients, staff and other people to the best of our abilities.

Integrity – We strictly follow the high moral and professional standards set up to protect and a strong commitment to honesty, professionalism, transparency and respect of all patients and staff.

Service – We strive to exceed our patients and staff expectations by delivery high quality work.

Teamwork – We believe in multi-disciplinary approach for solving a patient’s problem

Quality – We follow the highest quality standards by performing treatment in state of the art environment

Compassion – We strive to give our patients, their caregivers and others world-class care and environment

Take a Virtual Tour

Welcome to Dental Specialists Group at our Vaughan location. We believe that your teeth were meant to last forever, and we strive hard to restore that smile on your face. We value our patient’s comfort and ease and provide efficient, reliable and quick treatment in a comfortable, state of the art environment. Explore our office and learn more about Dental Specialists Group by taking an office tour through this gallery below.

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Schedule Consultation

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